Friday, May 7, 2010

NEW: Levels 1-5 Summer Intensive!

The iO West Summer Intensive condenses the first five levels of our 7 level curriculum into five weeks. The class meets every Monday through Thursday from 11am to 5pm for five weeks. Each week, a different iO teacher instructs the class in a particular level of curriculum. All of our teachers for the Summer Intensive are currently teachers in our Training Center. Best of all, the class culminates in a performance here in our theater!

July 26th – August 27th, 2010

Week 1 is Level 1 – Beginning Scene Work

This level introduces the basics of agreement, making strong choices, supporting your partner, exploring pattern, heightening, and intro to Harold: IO’s signature long-form based on a single suggestion.

Week 2 is Level 2 – Intermediate Scene Work

Extensive work in two-person improvised scenes, Level 2 sharpens listening skills, emotional choices and investment in the dynamics of a scene, such as status and “game”. Introduction to editing techniques, tag-outs, walk-ons, and further work with Harold.

Week 3 is Level 3 – Group Scene Work

Focuses on advanced character work and exploring environment, using exercises and games designed to take the improviser out of his/her head and into the character and the world onstage. Object work, physical investment in character choices, wants & objectives, and advanced listening exercises provide the foundation for Level 3.

Week 4 is Level 4 – Advanced Scene Work

Incorporating skills learned throughout the previous levels, focus is on building character, relationship, and form with emphasis on grounded scene work as the foundation for long-forms. This level features personalized coaching and feedback for each student targeted to areas of improvement to help each individual become a well rounded, versatile improviser.

Week 5 is Level 5 – The Harold

Applies the skills from Levels 1-4 to IO’s signature piece, The Harold. The class focuses on the structure of Harold, including openings, group games, and scenes. Advanced pattern work, group work, editing, and scene work are used to explore the challenges and magic of The Harold.

Your instructors will be pulled from this roster:

For 2010, the Summer Intensive will begin on July 26th and culminate in a performance here at the iO on August 27th! The program will cost $1400.

We do not refer housing though you may find these sites helpful:

You may make a half payment of $700 to secure your spot. Any tuition payments are non refundable.

Interested? Want more information?
Please e-mail the Director of the Training Center, Mike Canale, at or just call him at (323) 962-7575. You can also register here.

Comedy Writer's Room w/ Ed Lee

Comedy Writer's Room w/ Ed Lee
Sundays from 3PM to 8PM - May 16 - June 27 (7 weeks) - $350

Students will undergo an intensive seven-week course, learning structure, joke-writing, writing to act breaks, and everything else agents, managers, and executives look for in spec scripts…all in an environment that closely emulates a professional comedy writers’ room. At the end of the session, the entire class will have taken part in writing one polished, punched-up script of an existing show, and each student will develop the skills necessary to thrive in a writers’ room and continue writing better scripts on his or her own. After dissecting and analyzing episodes of an existing show, students will experience the writing of a new script through every phase: pitching, outlining, writing, rewriting, and punch-up. The instructor, Ed Lee, will provide the class with production drafts of the show being written, oversee the writers’ room, and procure notes from writers currently staffed on network television comedies. Students will also be invited to table reads of shows currently on the air. Whether you’ve never written a comedy spec script before or you’ve written many, this class will give you the tools to become a better writer both in a group setting and on your own.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting comfortable and profitable with your auditions

This is an on-camera workshop designed to help people with their theatrical auditions. While theatrical will be the main focus (television and movie auditions) there will be some on commercials as well. You will be auditioning with sides for the “first audition” and the “callback.” You’ll be getting feedback, comments and corrections on your work.

This workshop is taught by Kathryn Joosten. Kathy Joosten is two time Emmy Award winning actress who currently plays Karen McCluskey on “Desperate Housewives.” She also played, Dolores Landingham, the presidents secretary on “The West Wing.” Her full bio can be seen at
Cost: $150