Thursday, August 2, 2012

HAPPY AUGUST!  With July showers comes August…comedy…for real. And why not start August off with extra Comedy Karma points?

USS Rock n Roll has partnered with a documentary team to make a movie about long form improvisation.  It will explore the occurrence of Group Mind, the benefits of improvisation on the human body and will follow members of the team as they continue to explore the wonderful art form that is improvisation.  They have a kickstarter page where they are raising money to get started and would really appreciate any support you could send them.  

You see them every Tuesday on our very own iO West Main Stage at 10:3o0pm, “USS Rock N Roll was formed in the year of our lord 2007. The members of this crackteam were brought together under the direct order of the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. The mission was this: to set sail abroad a comedy vessel that would bring funny to the sad, indigenous peoples of the world. The budget would be small as all defense monies were already being driven into the battle over foreign oil. So the crack team’s only tools would be imagination, “yes,” and some kick-butt jokes.” Starring: 
Annie KourisRiki KalilDave TaylorLevin O'ConnorTony LewellenBryan IrzykJames KirklandErica Gowland 
 Intrigued? Learn more on their website:

So don’t just enjoy improv this month, contribute!!!

Now that we have you in the mood, check out what other fabulous August comedy events and shows we have going on at iO West!