Friday, April 23, 2010

Screenwriting workshop with John Hindman

Mondays at 7 PM – May 2 – May 23 (4 weeks) - $200
The hardest thing about writing is knowing what to write – Syd Field

Many of us have had a great idea for a story only to have it die slowly once we try and turn it into a screenplay. Or worse, you’ve been unable to even begin due to a lack of understanding of how screenplays work. This class is designed to give you the tools you need to not only start but actually complete a screenplay. You’ll receive what every writer needs; a roadmap that breaks down the necessary story elements that you need in order to tell your story.
This four-week workshop explores and explains the various schools of thought on screenwriting using popular films as a guide. All great films have the same story building elements in common. If you know what they are you have a good chance of telling a story that works.

Week one:
Breaking down the language of screenplays.
Structure – you can’t live without it
What makes dialogue work?
The world of the story
Theme- what is it and how to make it great
Heroes and opponents
Writing great characters
Week two:
Breaking down the first act of a film
Exploring a current screenwriting template and finding what works
Mining your life for ideas

Week three:
Breaking down a second act of a film
Screenwriting template #2
Finding your ending
How to hone in on your best story
Week four:
Breaking down the third act of a film.
Screenwriting template #3
Cards – what they are and how to use them
Establishing a writing routine you can stick to.
After taking this class you will never look at movies the same way again. And better yet, you will have the tools to write one.

John Hindman is the founder of the Writing Program at the iO West, now in its eighth year. His screenplay “The Dream of the Romans” was on Hollywood’s famous blacklist as one of the most well liked screenplays of the year. He is the writer/director of “The Answer Man” starring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. "The Answer Man" was was a Grand Jury Prize Nominee at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and was released by Magnolia Films. He has also written “Christmas in New York” for producer Kevin Messick as well as “Familymoon” for Walden Media. John has recently completed his latest screenplay, a romantic teen comedy.

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