Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A word with Majic Radio Theater performer Carl Tart

iO West: Good Evening Carl, you just got done performing in the Majic Radio Theater show and I really liked your performance.

Carl Tart: Oh thank you, it was a really good crowd out there.

iO West: How was it playing in this stylized show?

Carl Tart: Playing in this show was an experience like none other. I had always seen parodies of these old time radio shows, and always wondered what it would be like to participate in one.

iO West: Was the show fun?

Carl Tart: The show was extremely fun. I enjoyed working with everyone and creating different characters.

iO West: Was the rest of the cast supportive?

Carl Tart: In this show, I work with a cast of improv professionals, and myself, only being a year in this thing, look at them as being my mentors, teaching me how to be successful in this style of comedy.

iO West: Did improv training help you with this show?

Carl Tart: Well the fun of this show is that each character I portray, I get to build him, and give him a voice. Improv has taught me how to do that.

iO West: Are voices a more integral part of this performance?

Carl Tart: Voices are important because that’s how you make each character you're portraying different from the others. And it’s really fun.

iO West: Would you rather be performing in this time period or the one that is portrayed in the Majic Radio Show?

Carl Tart: I'd rather be in this time period, because I don’t think they'd allow me in the studio back in those days.

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