Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interview with Loft Performer of the Month, RYAN TWEEDY of Cuban B

1. Where are you originally from and what was the improv scene like there?

I am from Lincoln Nebraska and the most improv done there was making up a line in the high school play to make your friends laugh.

2. What made you want to start doing improv?

I went to second city and iO in Chicago and thought they were magicians or something. I auditioned for a social issues improv ensemble and got cast but they said I had to learn the rules. It was more gang violence and less ha-ha.

3 What stumbling blocks did you have to overcome when you first started studying improv?

I was super afraid of silence, I loved ironic racism and dick jokes. I still have stumbling blocks every day. I’ve learned patience, which is important. I also had a tough time being vulnerable and when it came to vulnerability I always went for the joke. Learning self confidence was a big hurdle too. I still love dick jokes.

4. How long have you been doing improv?

I did the social issues stuff in 2004, but I started studying actual long form 2007.

5. What’s your favorite part about improvising?

The community and laughing. Dick jokes.

6. What is one of your best memories on stage at iOWest?

I played with Aaron Krebs and Bertrando during the lottery, they made me look good and taught me that if you make bold decisions a good improviser has your back.

7. What’s some advice you would give to someone that’s starting out?

Don’t be to hard on your self and remember to have fun.

8. Who is someone you really look up to in the improv world and why?

Theres so many… James Grace is super honest as a performer, Bertrando is fearless, Suzi Barrett is a genius, and the entire team of USS rock n roll is what an ensemble should be.

9. Other than your own, what is your favorite show at iOWest?

Sweetness… and everybody else on Tuesday. King 10.

10. How do you use improv in your professional life?

I edit film… so just understanding the flow of comedy, the pacing, the buttons. Dick Jokes.

11. If you could sum up iO in one sentence, what would that be?

A place that will help you grow as an improviser and has cheap beer.

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