Monday, February 15, 2010

Wet, beautiful, exciting madness

Original date of posting: February 11, 2010

Team Cool Kids, Ethan Newberry and Lindsay Harbert (of iO West Mainstage team Fairfax Prep) take on their first full day of exploring Vancouver and the karaoke the city has to offer

Day two is winding down, and even though it hasn't even been 24 hours since our last blog entry, today was so jam packed it feels like a year ago.

Although we both stayed up late editing and blogging, we woke up early once again to get a head start on the day. Breakfast was delicious, albeit brief, and we soon found ourselves meeting with our fellow USA Samsung Mobile Explorers to find out what the day ahead of us had to bring.

It seemed simple enough, we would meet with the MSN representatives to film some spots for their promotional videos, wrap by 2:00 PST, and have the rest of the day open to explore the festivities Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games had to offer.

That is exactly what happened, however, looking back, much more transpired. We stopped at multiple Vancouver landmarks including statues, sculptures and the sea wall. The sea wall alone took our breath away. City sunk into the ocean as magnificent boats of all shapes cruised by. Rain threatened our ability to document every moment, but we hardly noticed. The excitement had taken hold, and there was no looking back.

Sidenote: Canvas sneakers are not the best choice of footwear for a rainy, chilly northwestern day. We both made that mistake, but I digress.

As we made our way about the city, it was obvious the Olympic Game spirit had taken hold. Languages from near and far could be heard at any moment. Activities and installments were at every corner, including a zip line, oh, the glorious zip line.

Our last stop with MSN for the day was Robson Square, a bustling hotspot jam packed with photo ops and sights galore. Part of this being the aforementioned zip line. We didn't think we would have the opportunity to sore above Vancouver on it, but of course we hoped, and what do you know, wishes came true as we found ourselves climbing the six stories to the top.

Shortly thereafter, we were harnessed up and sent on our way, reaching up to 40 miles per hour, as we raced each other to the other side, six stories in the air. Ethan won, but Lindsay certainly gave him a run for his money. If it were a competition in screaming, she would have come out on top.

Still buzzing from the near flight experience, we enjoyed a lunch before going off on our own to explore our personal version of Vancouver. We walked the city (still cursing our choice in footwear) and found ourselves in awe at every turn of the corner.

As the day wound down, we took the train back to our hotel (kudos Vancouver for having some of the cleanest public trans either of us have ever seen) dried off, and got ready for the night ahead. What did the evening have in store you wonder? One word: Karaoke.

That's right, the USA Samsung Mobile Explorers hit the town and the stage as we all belted out our own versions of noted hits with the help from some choice beverages. Everyone brought their flair, but let's especially tip our hats to Sonia for "Hero," Freddie for, well, everything he did on stage, Nelson for "Hero" (Enrique version) and Jed and Kelly for making The Boss (Springsteen anyone?) proud. I must add, we would like to think our version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" rocked the joint.

Also, we had the best driver in the Pacific Northwest, Duffy (Dufftastic, The Duffster, Duffarooni). Although, her choice of slamming on the breaks at every yellow light left a little something to be desired. That's okay, we still love you Duffy.

Now, the night is winding down. We find ourselves back in our room blogging and editing away. We'll certainly be up late with an early wake up time once again tomorrow, but we don't mind. We'd rather go without sleep than miss any moment this experience has to offer.

Speaking of which, we can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. Stay tuned, we'll be sure to tell you all about.

Much love from Vancouver- Team Cool Kids - Ethan and Lindsay.

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