Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the mouths of babes

When asked about the various opportunities to perform at iO West as compared to some of the other improv schools, iO West student, intern and frequent performer, Mishell Livio had this to say:

There are thus three times as many opportunities to get up and perform.

I’ve done everything from a sketch show, complete with costumes and props in the Loft to a two-person, 10-minute Harold on the Main Stage to a one person accapella musical in the DCT.

Every night is hosted by a different group that has its own unique feel and flow. The performance slots are anywhere from five minutes to an hour and a half.

There may be one to eight different groups performing per show slot. You could perform the same piece in each theater (not that you would when it's improv), and every time it would have a different feel because each theater has its own unique energy.

I love performing in all of the rooms because it’s a great way to showcase, in a nurturing environment, the skills I’ve learned in class."

For a list of team-hosted events that are always looking for guest teams to round out their shows - events such as Ruffneck Improv, La Granja Presents Game Night, Mystic Mondays with Tarotdactyl and One Hour Improv Festival with English Speaking Moose - visit the calendars for the various stages and click the links for the sundry host teams.
"The thing I love most about iO West is that performing is encouraged. There are three complete theaters: the Loft, the Del Close Theater and the Main Stage.

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  1. I love the atmosphere at IO. Always something happening. Plus a bar.