Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ode to Kate Flannery

In leotard and soft delusions dance
Red pants and hair and lips and heart for him
Despite all claims of cool indifference
To Paul Masson Grande Amber or his kin

You slant-smile, sing and joke with sublime grace
And high-pitch squeal and squat and wince and hum
You show us gals just how to love a liya

Asleep and unaware of your sweet taste
You inspire in us the quest to be your chum
Or catch a wink while you croon “Light My Fiya"

If you haven’t seen Kate Flannery from NBC's The Office and Scot Robinson of Anchorman perform as Kassie and Hori in "The Lampshades," you can bask in their whimsy and smarm, live, one Saturday each month at iO West in Hollywood.

And you can see Kate Flannery perform tonight on the 2011 Emmy Awards where all kinds of improvisers, including iO alum like Tina Fey, will vie for acquisition of the coveted statue.

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