Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be the music that's missing

Know what's noticeably absent from the improv stages around town? 

Musical improv. 

There is a paltry few musical improv troupes in LA, and while they are all terrific, none has you on it.

What better way to stand out in the improv world than to participate in a style that's beautiful and rare?

There is none.

So, to embark upon that trip, slick your musical improv chops by enrolling in Shulie Cowen's Beginning Musical Improv Workshop.

Shulie Cowen's four-week class covers the basics of musical improv: song structure, rhyme scheme, theme, point of view, and intro to various styles and musical performance games. 

Neither musical ability nor vocal performance experience is required, but openness and a sense of play are critical.

Shulie Cowen, director of Opening Night: The Improvised Musical! is a rare and brilliant gem, so who better to launch you into the rare and glorious world of musical improv?   

No one. 

And I know, because I am in one of the paltry few who breaks into song while arriving at an emotional apex within the realm of an improvised melee. 

Not because I'm especially good at improv, but because I know that singing improv is the shipnit.

Cost: $250. 

Rewards: Infinite.

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