Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brian Guest's Audition Intensive

Are you auditioning and not getting callbacks? 

Getting callbacks, but not booking? 

Then Brian Guest's Audition Intensive is perfect for you. 

The goal of Guest's four-week class is to take actors to the next level of auditioning, regardless of where they are currently in their careers. 

Each class is designed to concentrate specifically on a different type of audition and to integrate improv into both audition prep and execution. 

During each class, all students will perform audition sides as if they were auditioning for a specific project. 

Over the four weeks, the class will cover multi-cam sitcom, single-cam sitcom, hour-long drama and film.

Don't miss out on your chance to hone your auditioning technique under the guidance of top acting teacher and booking actor Brian Guest

Brian has been acting professionally for over 10 years, and in the past year alone has booked such shows as Shameless, Torchwood, Hawaii 5-0, Franklin and Bash, CSI: NY, Southland and the SONY film Detention with Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook. 

He trained at Playhouse West with Jeff Goldblum for several years and at Lesly Kahn's Studio. 

Guest is passionate about mixing the craft of acting with the business of booking the job. 

Throughout his coaching career, Guest has helped up-and-comers and established talent alike find their uniqueness. 

He is continually enthused by the creative process and loves to coach people who are equally excited about their craft.

Here's what people have said about Brian Guest's classes:

“When Brian started working with one of my clients, her feedback improved by leaps and bounds, especially for comedy projects. Being an actor himself, he knows how to give just the right amount of constructive criticism and encouragement. He is the only coach I recommend to my clients.” - Sarah Lum of Leverage Management

“The depth of my work continues to change and grow when I coach with Brian. He has the ability to pull out “my” funny, when I’m not feeling it myself. I respect his knowledge and perspective on breaking down a character, scene and script. And he pushes me to trust myself and my choices. He challenges me to take risks." - Stacey Scowley (Dollhouse, Date Night, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Family Guy)

The prerequisite is through Level 2 at iO West.  

The cost is $250.   

Register here. 

Henceforth book.

 - Annie Mackay

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