Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Jersey has the shore and now the win

So Virginia boasts more high-income folks than any other state. New Jersey is home to more spray tans. 

And that orange skin might be just what the doctor ordered as New Jersey took the first game of the United States of Improv last night at iO West.

It must be skin and not size that mattered here as team New Jersey was and is tiny.

Team New Jersey consists of Mike Ciriaco, Rachel Drummond, Neil Gargulio, Jason Horton, Mike Hughes and Ed Lee.

While team Virginia claims Joy Allen, Bennie Arthur, Carrie Barrett, Matt Blitz, Craig Cackowski, John Conroy, Ali Davis, Jeff Hawkins, TW Leshner, Sean Monahan, Levin O'Connor, Ryan O'Quinn, Patrick Simkins, and Chris Stathis. 

Had last night's bout been a tug-o-war and not tug-o-wit (or tint), history might have turned out differently. 

The next United States of Improv battle commences this evening at 11:30 on the Main Stage between Florida and Ohio. 

Come and root (and vote) for your favorite state.

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