Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What state are you from (euphoria doesn't count) and what are you doing tonight?

In celebration of the diverse menagerie of improvisers here at iO West, iO West will host the United States of Improv during which teams from 16 different states will compete to be dubbed "State of the Union."

This is one of the few times where improvisers from all regions, levels of experience and improv venues, including iO West, Second City, UCB and others, get to share the stage in commemoration of their common heritage and in joyful homage to the art of long-form improv. 

The event starts TONIGHT at 11:30 on the Main Stage after a terrific line-up of  shows, including USS Rock and Roll and Sweeterhouse

Enjoy the show with in-theater cocktails, and get in on the bracket to win a free improv class.

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