Friday, January 13, 2012

The iO West Popcorn spotted in Ensenada

Word on the street (or calle) is that the iO West Popcorn was seen (visto) eating a fish enchilada and drinking Mogor Badán from a plastic cup in a tranquil zócalo near the Port of Ensenada.

Did the iO West Popcorn arrive by boat (barco) or second class bus (autobús) or by taxi (taxi) Los Angeles improvisers want to know.

The iO West Popcorn was, according to one witness, easy to recognize, despite donning glasses and a floppy hat with holes (not brave enough to wear a Dodgers cap in México?) because of his distinctive shoes, which to many appear fit for bowling, but to others more for clowning around the town.

Once scoped and approached, the iO West Popcorn dropped his comida and split.

He ran around the corner, flagged down a passing El Camino and careened out of sight.

Due to the persistence of one witness who followed the iO West Popcorn across town through a neighboring town and up into Rosarito, “He was like Speedy Gonzales, man, Pinche!” we know that he is safe. For now.

Either he really is on the lamb or he is shooting a Robert Rodriguez movie, and all this worry is for nought.

Maybe this whole thing has just been a ruse and his rehab stint a publicity ploy and his interview with me just damned good acting. íChingón! Who knows?!

But no matter, improvisers are clamoring for the iO West Popcorn’s return to his rightful home at the iO West taverna in whatever hat and shoes and with whatever souvenirs (guitar case full of ammo?) from his recent payasadas he decides.


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