Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hollywood Blvd. Bingo at the iO West bar...tonight

If you've teased your hair high, laid down your tchotchkes and charms and cocked your dauber, you have played bingo.

But you haven't played bingo at iO West.

Bingo at the iO West bar involves spotting certain elements of Hollywood Blvd, like "hippie with dreadlocks" or "person looking at a star" then taking a sip of your $3 beer or $4 cocktail.

The prize for "Bingo" is a free drink.

A bingo card and purchase of a drink gets you into the 8:00 show.

Tonight's show schedule:

8:00 First World Problems
8:30 Hot Toddy and Waterloo
9:30 The Cartel and Bandit
10:30 King Ten

So, bring your booty to the bar at 6:30, and perhaps, to get a head start or to help your brethren out, wear your dreads and take in a star.

1 comment:

  1. Bingo is one of the hottest games around, but to have reached the streets of Hollywood, it definitely makes it even better! I so love visiting bingo halls and even online bingo games, they're awesome!!