Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Applications for the 10th Annual Improv Festival due Friday, May 11

The 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival is an opportunity for improvisers from not just all over LA or the US but the world to gather and celebrate the unique sport that is improv.

For one straight week, audiences are exposed to a variety of forms and styles, and they get to see shows before and after one another they might not otherwise get to see. 

Where else might you see Canadians and Chicagoans perform improv back to back? 

OK, lots of places, but nonetheless, this event is the highlight of the year - and even more of a highlight if your troupe is involved. 

Applications are due Friday. 

And because improvisers are known as compassionate people (not just because so many improvisers are from Canada and the Midwest where compassion is baked into every albacore tuna casserole) a portion of the festival proceeds goes toward The Chris Farley House, which is a state-certified residential treatment program that provides sober, structured living and counseling for men and women in recovery.  

Come to play or come to watch. Either way you'll come to laugh.

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