Saturday, May 12, 2012

United States of Improv semi-finals next week

Sixteen states are represented this year in the United States of Improv battles between teams comprised of vets and new-recruits united only by their land of origin and their love of improv comedy.

Each and every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:30 for the past several weeks, two teams have contended to see who will ultimately go to the finals at the end of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival this June. 

This Tuesday and Wednesday, the semi-finals ensues with:

New Jersey v. Rhode Island on Tuesday 

and Pennsylvania v. The Carolinas on Wednesday.

Because the winner of each battle is determined by audience vote, you should come laugh, drink and vote two days in a row just like you would during any major election.

If not for your state, then do it for your livery.

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