Saturday, May 19, 2012

iO West interns to perform in the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival...and tonight!

If you have wondered about the folks in black tees who check ID's, hand out tickets, pull back curtains, announce shows, run lights, function as bar backs and more, then wonder no more. 

They are the interns who receive reward in free classes. And since improv is a skill requiring near-constant tune-up, many interns have been around - and will be around - for awhile. 

The interns perform on a team called I, Intern which is poised to perform on the opening night of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, June 3, in the all-ages Del Close Theater. 

They're also performing tonight, May 19, and next Sunday, May 27, on the 21-and-over Main Stage.

Here is I, Intern's upcoming schedule:

Saturday, May 19, 2012 11:30 on the Main Stage
Sunday, May 27, 2012 11:00 on the Main Stage
Sunday, June 3, 2012 10:00 in the DCT 

I, Intern typically performs the Harold and is coached by John Conroy and managed by Tim Wrobel and BJ Honkey Lange

Since I, Intern is such a large collection of performers of all levels and styles, each show is decidedly different with the two constants being high energy and a shared love of the form. 

Come pay heed to this behind-the-scenes team.

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