Saturday, May 26, 2012

Round out your resume with workshops at the 10th Annual LA Improv Comedy Festival

Whether you live in LA and ache for an affordable way to round out your skill set and resume, or you don't live in LA and are eager to be privy to LA teachers and styles in a single shot, the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival offers a spate of two-hour workshops that could prove to be perfect for you.

In just $25 and two hours, you can learn how to create characters, heighten your short-form game, write that award-winning solo play, tell engaging stories, be as theatrically and physically present as a WWE wrestler and more. 

There are over 50 workshops during the week of The Festival to take advantage of, and just think about it: for $250, you can enjoy ten.

Here is the current list.

Sign up ASAP to guarantee your place.

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  1. These workshops are selling out fast! New workshops were just added today, so make sure to get in there and secure your spot!