Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to market your improv team's show - part 2

4. Commune. Make your show part of a larger event, such as a birthday party, bachelor party, girls' night out, etc.  And market your show to existing groups and organizations that regularly plan group outings, such as apartment complexes, bowling leagues, book clubs, knitting circles, church groups, et al.

If you can contact these groups, half of your work is done since they already plan regular events. And remember to mention that iO West has a bar!

5. Spread out. If you don't live in LA full time, when you do come to visit and perform in LA, don't book a full weekend of shows for one team. While in Chicago and NYC you might garner great reviews and a following from one weekend of marathon performances, in LA, where it is harder to draw an audience, it is best to put on a single great show, get friends and students to come and buzz about how awesome it was and then use their feedback (and facebook) to help bring in new guests for your show the next time you're in town.

Performing before an empty house can be disheartening, especially if/when you're paying for the space.

6. Repeat. While a Facebook reminder every day for two weeks may push audiences away, strategically placed reminders absolutely help.  Everyone is super busy in LA, so an initial invite is great for those who like to plan followed up by reminders for those who don't or can't.  

I personally get the most success from a single night-before or day-of text.  That might sound crazy, but in a town of commitment-phobes, getting folks to come out last-minute can be easier than getting folks to plan ahead. Know your audience and market to them accordingly.

In summary, there are a host of ways to market your team's next show. Hopefully I have inspired you to widen your scope.

 - Annie Mackay

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