Thursday, December 8, 2011

Matt Craig's Level 7 class show tonight

Human Karaoke Death Machine, which is comprised of:

Doug Agnew
Mike McKee
Christian Cintron
Eric Burnett
Marissa Madsen
Chris Pang

Dalex Miller
Andrea Kittelson
Nathan Boone
Joe Clabby

and Luis Cortes

is a high energy improv sindicate that is based out of iO West in Hollywood and is coached by Matt Craig, Lauri Roggenkamp and Tilt Tyree.

Tonight, Human Karaoke Death Machine will showcase what they have so far gleaned after seven levels of study, and, most importantly, they will proffer in-the-moment, never-before-and-never-again-seen, make-it-up-as-you-go hilarity that yields a much bigger laugh than anything else you could concoct alone in your home (unless you have certain ingredients found only online, and then, OK, you win).

Come and experience for yourself what everyone is currently talking about:

Human Karaoke Death Machine...

Followed by SUBLIME two-person improv with Elevator, Hill/Jones, and FrankenMatt...

And the SUMMATIVE, more-person Quartet and Pascal.

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