Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hog Post #5

Arnold as Matt as Santa
Because Matt Craig is a lot like Santa Claus - jolly, kind and nimble - he has blessed us this holiday with a Hog Post.

If you've forgotten what a Hog Post is, it's a blog post in Harold form - iO West's signature blog post.

If you've forgotten who Matt Craig is, he's an Emmy-nominated SNL writer, the ultimate half of popular sketch and improv duo FrankenMatt (it's Christmas, so think frankincense) and a beloved instructor of all levels of sketch and improv.

While Santa's sleigh is pulled by deer, Matt Craig's is pulled by words. But more than nine because that's how weighty and full of gifts Matt Craig's wit is.

Based on the suggestion "wipe":

Wipe, swipe, type, computer, data, information

An air traffic controller, finally getting some down time, opts to go to the bathroom.
*ALERT* A request for an emergency landing!
A bread crumb trail of toilet paper down the hallway.


Two surgeons, Drs. Needle and Kaplan, working dedicatedly over an open-heart patient.
“This is the crucial moment, Dr. Needle. It’s life or death right now.”
“I’m sorry. I was daydreaming. What was that?”

Space, race, ethnic, ethic, conduct, behavior, human

It’s all set! Two of each! One male, one female!
Line up here to be saved from the flood!
But where is the Ark?
“I knew I forgot something.”

Err, stumble, stubble, whisker, razor, wipe

Craig Kringle's suggestion for the next Hog Post: "opinion."

If you feel so inclined, email your Hog Post based on that suggestion to

And have a memorable Christmas, Chanukkah and New Year!

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