Friday, December 23, 2011

Pop your post-Christmas cherry

Come Monday we'll all be experiencing that Christmas hangover, be it from months (or frantic minutes) of preparation, Christmas bell overload, or just exhaustion from fake-smiling your way through extended family fun-time.

iO West has the perfect cure with Cherry's Very Special...

After-School Special:

$4 Sierra Drafts and $3 Whiskey Coke's...

And an hour and a half of Cherry improv revelry.

Kicking off the evening at 10, is Cherry Crush, where your favorite Cherries (Nate Caywood, Katie Dodson, Michael Garcia, Echo Kellum, Jamie Moyer, Amanda Tate, and Canon Wing) invite to perform with their crushes the following week, the team who wins the audience's affections.

Additionally, participating teams can win a regular monthly Main Stage Show or an LA Improv Festival Show.

Following, at 10:30, is the one and only Cherry working off a seemingly innocent suggestion from you, yes YOU, to banish any residual Monday blues.

But the hokum doesn't stop there, oh no!

Stick around for The Cherry Pick, which puts you, a member of the audience, on stage with iO West's teachers and coaches in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, (or twice-, thrice-, mice-...regardless, it will be special, dammit, and it's easy as un, deux, foie gras.)

Grab a 21+ friend and a drink, drop your student ID into the fishbowl (any improv student ID: Groundlings, Second City, UCB, etc...) and recreate that Price-Is-Right-moment-when-you-hope-your-name-is-called to improvise with the masters.

The post-Christmas Cherry Pick, this Monday, Dec 26, boasts the one and only Dave Razowsky.

So, become all the more seasoned this holiday season with...

Cherry on cheery Monday.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

- Deviant Amelia

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