Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Level 1: Journey to confidence

Matt Craig
Marion Oberle
My first day of Level 1 at iO West, taught by Marion Oberle but subbed by Matt Craig, consisted of name games and warm-ups and introductory concepts. It was so much infectious fun, I couldn't help but be excited about the subsequent six weeks.

While I had taken two classes at the Groundlings five years prior, I had little additional ensemble improv experience, and I had left the Groundlings feeling that perhaps improv was too difficult for me or that perhaps I just wasn't talented enough for it.

Those feelings of trepidation and self-doubt disappeared during my first Level 1 class at iO. While the concepts, practices and "rules" were basically the same as at the Groundlings, the vibe was different, or maybe it was simply that something in me had changed. I no longer felt too untalented or old.

And what I have learned since completing Level 7 at iO West is that improv is not about talent or saleability; it's about being brave enough to be fully yourself in front of others.

What was your Level 1 experience?

Your Level 7 experience?

If you haven't had one yet, sign up!

A new session of classes begins the first week of January.

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