Friday, October 21, 2011

Hog Post #4

A Hog Post is a blog post written in Harold form.

The following Hog Post, written by actress Mishell Livio, is based on the suggestion: "personal."

Personal. Hygiene. Bubble Boy. Obsessive cleanliness.

When I was a kid I was incredibly germ phobic.  
I would wash my hands and face and swish my mouthwash obsessively.  
I liked talking to people and observing them, but I was not a hugger.

Hugging. Friendship. Fake friends. Barbie.

My Barbies are all packed away in a small pink suitcase with all of their accessories and clothing.
Most of their clothing consists of dresses and skirts.  

I'm pretty sure I cut most of their hair off to make them tougher.

Hair Cut.  Bangs.  Sandra Markarian.  Karaoke.

I love singing. 
My life would be a musical if more people would duet with me.  
I have a tendency to go to karaoke bars and pick songs that
I think I know, and then, when it is my turn to sing, I not only don't know the words, I also don't know the tempo or melody, and  I generally just start to ramble, doing musical riffs and dancing.

Dancing.  Ballet.  New York City.  Family. Personal.

The suggestion for the next writer: "wipe."

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