Friday, October 28, 2011

The Armando this Saturday and beyond

This Saturday night, you could see a two-hour movie that is the best mediocrity has to offer and which costs you, once you add parking, soda, popcorn, jujubes and late-night drinks, about the same as your car payment...

Or you could catch an impressive live show, complete with live celebrity monologues and expertly improvised scenes, which costs you, once you add $5 valet, cheap drinks, free popcorn and no need to go anywhere else afterward, about the same as an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

The live show I speak of is the Armando Diaz show, which is structured like this:
  • Celebrity asks for a suggestion from the audience
  • Celebrity performs monologue inspired by the suggestion
  • Expert improvisers make up scenes based on themes that emerged during the celebrity monologue
  • Celebrity performs another monologue inspired by what has so far emerged
  • The skilled improvisers make up more scenes based on themes that have so far emerged while simultaneously tying together scenes and themes
  • Celebrity performs another monologue
  • More scenes
  • Another monologue or more scenes or...who knows?!
Not only is this more affordable than a Weinstein joint, but it is sure to contain exponentially more laughs. At least it won't run out of gas.

Upcoming celebrity monologists:

October 29 - Maribeth Monroe (Workaholics)
November 5 - Molly McNearney (Head writer at Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
November 12 - Brad Morris (Uncle Brother and The Reckoning)
November 19 - Rachel Harris (The Hangover)

For a complete line-up of the Main Stage fare this Saturday night, visit

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  1. Armando show is also performing Saturday March 24th @ 3PM at The Groundlings Comedy Festival! with Academy Award winner Jim Rash from Community!
    Only $5 cash @ door.