Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hog Post #3

A Hog Post is a blog post written in Harold form.

Comedy writer John Marshall, author of Hog Post #2, left for the next writer the one-word suggestion "material."

Following is what "Top Story! Weekly" producer-writer-actor-director Mike Hughes conceived based on that suggestion:

Material,  Material Girl, Madonna, '80's, Reagan, trickle down, rain, reign, Diana, hunter

My friends would go hunting in the morning before high school started.
Which seemed kind of a weird thing to do for a prep school.
I guess it helped that the school was in the middle of a forest.

Forest, DeForest Kelley, Star Trek, Bones, Emily Deschanel, Zooey, New Girl

I haven't watched many of the new fall shows.
Even the ones that have people I know on them.
Something that happens more often as you kick around this town.

Kick, INXS, auto-erotic asphyxiation, teenage kicks, thrill-seeking, skydiving

I got together today with an old friend.
We talked about whether we'd ever go skydiving.
Neither of us would, because there's really no point to jumping out of an airplane.

Airplane, army, career, manly, hunting

Mike's suggestion for the next writer: "personal."

Now, while the official form is:
  • An opening word rif based on the suggestion
  • Three sentences that introduce something, developing one or more themes that emerged during the opening
  • Another word rif that is slightly more pointed or patterned and that is based even more on themes that have so far emerged
  • Three more sentences that heighten the "game" of the first set of sentences
  • Another even more pointed/patterned word rif 
  • Three more sentences that either heighten the game of the first two sets of senteces or resolve/reverse/turn or involve an ironic twist
  • One final word rif that ends with, or near, the original suggestion
As with any Harold, form should not trump ingenuity.

So take the suggestion "personal" and run with it.

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