Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween at HalliO West

It’s another temperate fall here in the City of Angels, and in addition to the balmy Santa Anas and promise of returning 'snowbirds,' there’s Halloween to look forward to -- one of the few times a year when the natives blend in with, well, the majority of non-natives. 

And those of us non-natives who still don’t blend well, well, we will wander over to iO West where our quirks and differences will be embraced, or at least tolerated, and where Halloween will start the weekend before Halloween with a free Midnight Showing of Troll 2.

Not to be confused with Showgirls, which will be showing across the street in some native's parked Toyota Sienna. 

The 1990 classic troll flick will surely be prime drinking-game fodder, so leave your keys at home, and scedaddle, troll-like, to iO West (abstinence won't likely be an option) and embrace the officially imdb-branded suck.

Before the suck-fest, get a start on the massacre madness with Kind Strangers are the Last People on Earth at 10pm on the Main Stage (the same group will also play October 14). Kind Strangers will explore the ups and downs of post-apocolyptic life, based on a single audience suggestion.

Touted as the hilarious, better-looking cousin of The Postman, this Improvised apocalypse will set the mood for The Haunted House of Improvised Horror, (also playing Mon, Oct 31).  

Admission will be free to those of you brave enough to wear a costume that doesn’t involve bunny ears or a cotton tail -- although, let’s be honest, that's the kind of costume that will likely get you into more doors than just iO West's, so maybe have it on underneath.

Match Me! and Scary. Killer. Nice. will also perform prior to Troll 2 on the Main Stage beginning at 11pm.

And, on All Hallows Eve, after you’ve had your share of apple-bobbing and "Ding Dong Ditch," join iO West for a ghoulishly good time with a full line up of deviant Halloween humor. 

Jump-starting Halloween night will be Ghoul E. Mann’s Haunt Theatre at 8pm -- a macabre cabaret and theatrical séance.

Continuing the debauchery will be Drug Puppy’s Monster Mash, (also playing Oct 17th and 24th) with their sketch-esque take on the true meaning of Halloween. 

Don’t forget to wear something truly frightening for the reprise of The Haunted House of Improvised Horror at 10pm.

But beware of clones, as Rock! Monster! Rock! will feature legendary scary characters singing their way back into relevance as comic book heroes and dreamy tween reincarnations.

Finally, remember, if you plan to drink anything other than blood on Halloween (or to enjoy shows on the Main Stage sans spirits) you must be 21 or over. 

And for the full October schedule on all three iO West stages, visit the iO West show calendar.

 - Deviant Amelia

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