Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hog Post #1

A Hog Post is a blog post written in Harold form. 

For this Hog Post, the suggestion is "Fat."

fat, phat, dope, cope, mope, saunter, slouch, sleep

A phat cat came into my lap the other day, so I pet it.
It purred.
Then it bit my thumb - that doggone cat.

bite, eat, devour, gorge, stuff, explode, fall from the sky like ash

A girl came over to my house the other day and asked if I wanted to hang out.
I baked her a pie and kissed her.
Then she stole my money.

fall for her, fall for it, fall over, fall out, fallout, fall flat, fall fat, fat cat

The big cheese invited me into his office.
He sat me in a neighboring understuffed chair, puffed on his cigar, and squinted.
Then gave me a big fat bonus.

big bonus, big cheese, big boss, fat boss, fat cat, phat cat, big juicy cat that's phat

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