Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hog Post #2

The form of the Hog Post (blog post written in Harold form) as I envisioned it when I first thunk it up: 

  • An opening word rif based on the suggestion
  • Three sentences that introduce something, developing one or more themes that emerged during the opening
  • Another word rif that is slightly more pointed or patterned and that is based even more on themes that have so far emerged
  • Three more sentences that heighten the "game" of the first set of sentences
  • Another even more pointed/patterned word rif 
  • Three more sentences that either heighten the game of the first two sets of senteces or resolve/reverse/turn/involve an ironic twist
  • One final word rif that ends with, or near, the original suggestion
BUT, as with the Harold, structure should not trump authentic ingenuity.

A Harold is really just a personalized and collective rif off of the opening suggestion.

Here, then, is Emmy-nominated comedy writer John Marshall's Hog Post based on the suggestion "wrinkle."


Twinkle, tinkle, blinkle, crinkle, Leon Spinks, drinks at dinner

Rip Van Winkle woke from his slumber and saw someone standing before him.

“Who is that,” he asked, “Leon Spinks?”

“I am Mr. Blinkle,” said a crinkly-faced man, who was tinkling in his drink.

Wake, bake, shake, cake, take, break, quake

The earth quaked and the building began to shake.

“Everyone stand under a doorway,” said Henderson.

“I don’t even know you, man,” said Jenkins.

Man, plan, Stan, grand, flan, Trans Am, Spam, blam

Stan kicked the tire of his Trans Am.

“Hey, do I go kicking you?” said the tire.

“I didn’t know you could talk,” said Stan.

“Live and learn,” said the tire.

Learn, earn, burn, roast, toast, ghost, most, Mickey, Minnie, Vinnie

John's suggestion for the next writer: "Material."

Submit via email to your own Hog Post based on the suggestion "material."

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