Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maggy Keegan's farewell flight to Philly

October is a scary month. You've got Halloween; the stock crisis de jour (they always seem to occur during the tenth month) and major life changes, like moving to a new locale. Oh, wait. That's just Maggy Keegan!

Soon, Miss Maggy will take her feather boas and fond Los Angeles memories and bounce to the East coast. What's nearly 2,400 miles away? Philadelphia, Keegan's new home at the end of October.

Maggy's improv and sketch training is quite diverse. She studied at The Groundings and Second City, as well as iO West. She has performed with multiple teams since 2008, including EXTRA-STRENGTH, Spirit Fingers, and Popular Science.

Maggy's Los Angeles creative life has been full and eclectic, with some of her greatest credits including the Maggy Keegan Variety Hour, which made the iO Dancers famous and cemented a healthy working relationship between Keegan and Tilt Tyree.

Keegan and Tyree went on to host Pretty Bird, Two for the Show, which showcased the beauty of two person improv, and the Pretty Bird Duo Tournament, which concludes on the 12th of this month.

Before the end of the Pretty Bird Duo Tournament on the 12th, Maggy will play one last time with her three-person team Spirit Fingers, consisting of her, Mike Bunin and Jon Crowley. That show will be Friday, October 7th, at 8pm.

And she will host the Armando this Saturday, October 8th!

So come out this week and bid Maggy Keegan a farewell to remember.

- Elizabeth Steele

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