Saturday, October 15, 2011

This weekend on the iO West Main Stage


8:00pm Celebrity with special guest Ron Livingston - Celebrity is a  long-form improv show where the visiting celeb is thrust into the role of celebrity's personal assistant.

9:00pm The Armando Show with special guest Mike Hughes - The Armando Show is a 90-minute long-form non-Harold show where monologues from the visiting celeb are woven throughout to offer continued inspiration.

10:30pm The Dr. God Revival with special guest Scoot McNairy - The Dr. God Revival is a 60-minute long-form improv show where, like The Armando, stories from the visiting celeb are a useful muse.


8:00pm Sketch Potluck

9:00pm Top Story! Weekly with special guest John Fugelsang - Top Story! Weekly is a news-based sketch show a la SNL that is a great source of both news and laughs.

10:00pm Mainstage Sketch Show

10:30pm Physical Improv Grad Show

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